I craft to reflect the importance of female relationships throughout history and also to express the depth of love I feel for the women in my own life. Growing up I always felt the most joy when I was crafting with my mom, grandma, and friends. I’ve carried this practice throughout my life, and continue to make it a priority as an adult. I take it as seriously as I would any art form or career pursuit. As I learned more about the history of craft, it made perfect sense that I learned it with friends and family. For centuries women have been crafting in social circles and forging friendships with needle and thread, making interesting art out of everyday objects, out of what they had at hand. I hope that my work shines a light on this tradition to highlight the beauty and hard work that lie in the art of craft, and in doing so stresses the brilliance of female relationships.

Sewing Circle , embroidery 2017

Sewing Circle, embroidery 2017